Instagram nostalgia

Just a place where I’m keeping my old Instagram photos … I like taking pictures, but I do not like flogging myself on the internet, so these are from an old account. Fine, it probably aren’t in the Correct Chronological Order of My Life, but then again, it’s not as if memory retells a particular pattern of events. Also, normal users of instagram don’t upload photos like this – they do ‘throwback Thursdays’ and plan out the grid by theme and colour rather than matching up the photo with the day or week in which it was taken. Yet another reason I’ve deleted my account: didn’t want to play the game! Ah well, here’s some of what I did play, 2018-2020 ish.

Newcastle + Cambridge

Newcastle, York + Cambridge

Barcelona, York, Hull, orchestra, Fitzwilliam Garden Party, May Ball

London, Brussels, Paris, Mount Olympus, Irish Coast, Dublin.

Paris again (as I was uploading this the comment ‘Paris is Never a Bad Idea’ came into my head: another reason to leave instagram being, stop polluting your brain with this utter glibness) , then Cambridge, North Yorkshire

Copenhagen, Stockholm, medieval manuscript from St. John’s, formal hall, Peterhouse.

yet more Cambridge (Counts down to graduation), St. Paul’s, Ronnie Scotts, Literary Review.

Birmingham, rainy Edinburgh, Evil Eye, ignore this, Private Eye, Cambridge

BOLIVIA ! The moon from the Chilean desert, Valparaíso, Santiago and the famous South American city of Birmingham again.

The Amazon, nature reserve in Bolivia near Cochabamba, lake Titicaca, plaza de armas in La Paz, Comunidad Corocoro in the altiplano, La Paz again.

Vieux Lyon, autumn in St. James’, me looking shiny in Cambridge (again), very old and cold castle in Northumberland, Peru.

Taken in a park in Lyon; roman theatre in Vienne, cable car in the Alps (Grenoble), my local tabac in Lyon, misty Ghent, with Faith at Café Lumières.

Looking at all of these makes me want to take more pictures – maybe on this blog.

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Languages student at the University of Cambridge, aspiring professional blatherer, from Yorkshire.

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