Santiago, Chile

The flight from Heathrow was as smooth and relaxing as any 15hr long-haul flight could be. Having renounced the patriarchal authority of my father at Terminal 5, I was as buoyant as a space hopper as I bought an overpriced neck cushion, and only cried for 120 seconds. My first point of contact with the […]


‘I’m from Des Moines. Somebody had to be’ (Bill Bryson) Despite my obnoxious tendency to declare Yorkshire identity at every opportunity, I am actually a Brummie (and a liar). When confronted with this fact, people respond: But you don’t look/sound/seem like you’re from Birmingham. Vague and bigoted expression of sympathy for me due to my […]

An interview with Michael Frayn

(I wrote this for an essay competition with the Telegraph. Although I didn’t get a prize or a place, it was such a great pleasure to interview my writing hero, and a useful journalistic experience in learning how to interview someone. An edited version of this article was published in Varsity here: What was […]

How I got into Cambridge

(More specifically: Clare College, to study Modern and Medieval Languages) During the application process for these Hallowed Grounds, I would scour the internet for every Oxbridge tip possible, so thought I would write down my own experience here. Original, no. I hope you find it useful; I’ll keep towering-spires based waffling to a minimum. GCSEs […]

What I might write, and thoughts on my internet sphere

‘Representation of self is drastically changing. And of course on Facebook it’s all embellished, stylised selves anyway. But my popularity on the internet has to do with the fact that all of these fake selves somehow recognise each other and have some unifying sensory organ for authenticity.’ – Werner Herzog, in the Guardian, 2016. Your […]

Nice to meet you

Student at the University of Cambridge, reading Modern and Medieval Languages (French and Spanish), enjoys reading & writing and so is attempting to make a living from it as a ‘proper adult’, currently on my year abroad in La Paz, Bolivia, and Lyon, France. Did my Dad peer pressure you into reading this?