The Bolivian Amazon, and a parasitic infection

Keen to absorb the local cultures of my adopted country, I developed a parasitic infection. What better way is there to take in a country, than by literally ingesting and secreting its lifeforms? It’s merely compensation for the generosity extended to me by my host nation, becoming a host for its inhabitants. Getting a parasitic […]

Santiago, Chile

The flight from Heathrow was as smooth and relaxing as any 15hr long-haul flight could be. Having renounced the patriarchal authority of my father at Terminal 5, I was as buoyant as a space hopper as I bought an overpriced neck cushion, and only cried for 120 seconds. My first point of contact with the […]


‘I’m from Des Moines. Somebody had to be’ (Bill Bryson) Despite my obnoxious tendency to declare Yorkshire identity at every opportunity, I am actually a Brummie (and a liar). When confronted with this fact, people respond: But you don’t look/sound/seem like you’re from Birmingham. Vague and bigoted expression of sympathy for me due to my […]